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Bathroom tap design has really exploded recently, offering an extensive choice of modern materials and colours.
At Alternative Bathrooms we can provide an amazing range of taps from a variety of well-known brands, which are stylish, practical and luxurious. Whether you’re looking for Wall mounted taps, Freestanding taps, Monobloc taps, Deck mounted taps, Pillar mounted taps, Counter-top taps, Mixer taps or Bathfiller taps we’ll have something that meets your desire and taste.

With such a large choice of taps, it’s always difficult to know where to start and more importantly the kind of considerations you need when choosing bathroom taps. Well, we’ve done the hard work of sourcing the highest quality taps from well-known luxury brands, for your bathroom or cloakroom, so you don’t have to. Browse the ranges and styles of taps to match the style and colour of your luxury bathroom. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need some guidance on types of taps, why not talk to an expert at Alternative Bathrooms.


The tap ranges in our showroom and website expose the aesthetic beauty of design style, colour and material that bring out the best in bathroom design. There's plenty of choice ands we're always on-hand to help you choose, just ask one of our experts for help and advice.

Looking for the perfect bathroom or basin taps for a large family bathroom, an en-suite, or a compact cloakroom you'll find the best of types of taps here and if you can't or are short on time then speak to one of our experts who can guide you to the best taps for you.

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Types of Taps

Wall mounted taps

If you're looking for space-saving designs wall-mounted bathroom taps are the answer. The taps are designed to emerge from the wall to hang above a basin or bath. The workings are concealed using pipework hidden behind a wall. Wall-mounted taps create a luxury integrated feel and are simple and easy to clean.

Free standing or Floor mounted taps

With the growth of interest in roll-top baths, floor-mounted free-standing taps contrast the wall-mounted design style in featuring exposed pipes and plumbing and are usually used in much larger bathrooms where you have a lot of space for a bathtub to sit in that open space. They offer excellent versatility, can accompany any freestanding bathtubs or other styles situated anywhere within the bathroom.

Deck mounted taps

Deck mounted taps fit into the holes in the bathtub or basin, traditionally these are the types of taps you see everywhere. All the pipework is hidden under the bath or basin. They come in a variety of styles, either sngle or double tap, and for baths sit at one end or in the middle of the bathtub depending on the style you've chosen.

Monobloc taps

Monobloc bathroom taps are sometimes referred to as mixer taps, designed for basins and baths featuring a single tap hole only. The hot and cold water is 'mixed' in the tap and emerges at a balanced temperature to the sink or bathtub. These are a great solution for a family bathroom and reduce the risk of water running just scalding hot or freezing cold.

Pillar taps

Pillar taps are those you'll be most familiar with, supplied in a pair, each featuring separate valves for the control of water flow and temperature. Suitable for bathtubs or basins that include two tap holes – one for the hot tap and one for the cold tap, the basin and bathtub taps can easily be matched in style and design.

Mixer tap - Bath Shower taps

The bath and shower mixer tap usually supports a handheld shower unit as part of the bath fitting. It results in the supply of water to the shower head that's the same temparature as that filling the bath. Handy for washing childerns hair in the bath or bathing the family dog.

Bath filler taps

Bath filler taps deliver a mixture of hot and cold water, usually incorporating a pair of handles or levers, or one central 'mixer ' lever, to control the flow and temperature of the water. Wall mounted or bath and basin fitted, they are the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing bath in style, as it's easy for the user to adjust the heat and find the ideal temperature.

Waterfall taps

Waterfall taps have an open or closed spout where you see much more of the water as it cascades into your basin or bath, producing an elegant waterfall effect.

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