“High end basins with superb manufacturing quality. A favourite with architects and other design professionals.”

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Catalano Bathroom Range from Alternative Bathrooms

The essence of ceramics

If you’re looking for high-end was hand basins with an excellent manufacturing quality that’s an all-time favourite with architects and other design professionals, you’re in the right place. Catalano bathrooms products are described as the essence of ceramics, and they don’t disappoint. Catalona produces the finest, contemporary, Italian designs, made to the highest standards. What’s even better is that each and every product is hand finished by skilled craftsmen in Italy. You can’t get any more unique that than when it comes to a bathroom.

Classic Wash Hand Basins in North London

What makes a bathroom classic? Well, demure, neutral and elegant pieces are all good aspects of a classic bathroom. Clean, crisp and void of clutter or bright colours will point to the stereotype of a classic bathroom. However, it isn’t always easy to achieve or, for that matter, maintain. A lovely standalone wash hand basin or vanity cupboards are always a great place to start. If it’s a Catalano bathroom that you’re after, look no further than Alternative Bathrooms.

Bathroom Sinks in East London

The bathroom in your home tends to be the last place people decorate when it comes to home improvements. However, we believe that it’s just as important as the rest and should be decorated to a high standard with the highest quality products. With Catalano, you get just that. Understated bathtubs and wash hand basins as well as chic vanity cases and mirrors. If you really want to impress the people who use your bathroom and create a comfortable but attractive place to relax and unwind, look no further than Catalano bathrooms.

Sink Installation in West London

If you’re looking for an affordable solution but want to receive high-quality products, Alternative Bathrooms has a wide range of stock from Catalano bathroom furniture and fixtures. No matter where you are located in the London area, we can help you.

Basin, Tubs and Toilets in South London

From the outset, when you get in touch with us at Alternative Bathrooms, we will help point you in the direction of the right bathroom furniture. If you want a floating style wash hand basin, we’ll find it. If you’re looking for a particular type of cabinet to suit your specific needs, we’re here to guide you.

Catalona Wash Hand Basin Range

There are various styles and fixtures available when it comes to a wash hand basin. You don’t even need to know exactly what you’re looking for. All you have to do is browse our extensive range of wash hand basins that we have available. Additionally, when you choose to buy Catalona bathroom products, you won’t be disappointed on quality. With a low price tag, these items can make your home look like a palace. Pick up the phone or make an enquiry online to find out more about the Catalona bathroom range available at Alternative Bathrooms – we’re here to help you choose the right bathroom.