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When it comes to Showers, Alternative Bathrooms offer an extensive range from a variety of well-known brands. For the perfect shower, you want style and luxury combined with practical options. Whether you’re looking for Power showers, Digital showers, Mixer showers or Electric showers, we’ll have something that meets your desire and taste.

We’ve sourced the highest quality showers for your bathroom or closet, so you don’t have to. Browse the ranges and styles of showers to match the style and colour of the luxury bathroom of your dreams. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need some guidance on types of basins, why not talk to one of our experts at Alternative Bathrooms.


Great showers provide the therapeutic relaxing practicality of washing quickly and thoroughly whilst providing a dash of luxury to any bathroom, en-suite or closet. The choice of shower is not only the subject of personal taste but also needs to consider the plumbing system in your home, but that's ok we're here to help.

Looking for inspiration on the type of shower you might want? Why not ask one of our experts. Whether it's for a large family bathroom, an en-suite or a compact cloakroom there are lots of options, aside from whether it's a Power shower, Digital shower, Mixer shower or Electric shower, there's also the consideration of whether it's a Walk in shower, Corner shower, Wet-room, Shower tower or over-the-bath shower. Then there's the type of shower provision, Waterfall shower, Rainfall shower, Steam shower, Massage shower, High-pressure shower, LED shower, Handheld shower. You'll find the best in a range of styles. At Alternative Bathrooms, we have extensive ranges from luxury brands at competitive prices delivered to your door.

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Types of Showers

Power showers

Power Showers are supported by a pump to deliver higher pressure flow of water and are ideal for low-pressure water systems. Often found in hotels and spas they provide

Mixer showers

Mixer showers are the conventional type of shower you see in the most family bathrooms or cloakrooms. They mix hot and cold feed water which is adjusted within the shower unit itself. Some mixer showers are suitable only for either a high-pressure or low-pressure water system. As they typically share pipework with the rest of the bathroom resolve issues of drops in water pressure by making the shower water supply independent.

Waterfall or Rainfall showers

Mounted from the wall or ceiling in a range of sizes and styles. There look great and are more cost efficient.

Steam rooms

Usually encased in a shower cubicle steam showers also offer a spa like experience. Very much like a sauna only jets of steam as water droplets and not so much of that dry heat.

Brands that we work with

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Classic and contemporary bathrooms are designed with you in mind.

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The home of the best quality and most stylish products in the world.

London & UK

Bringing brilliant and special bathrooms to properties all over London and across the UK.

Advice on Accessibility

Provision of assistance and advice on all specialist accessibility product specifications.

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