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Finding good-looking bathroom cabinets and mirrors in the right sizes and finishes can be difficult – so Alternative Bathrooms have put together a great collection to make it easy.

Whether you want a classic or a modern look, mirrors (including integrated TV screens) and/or illumination, the showroom staff will know all the options, make knowledgeable suggestions and help you find exactly the right pieces.

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Cabinets and Mirrors from Alternative Bathrooms

You don’t need to be vain to want a nice bathroom mirror featured in your bathroom. A bathroom mirror is an essential piece for many. Finding good-looking bathroom cabinets and mirrors in the right sizes and finishes can be difficult. Therefore, Alternative Bathrooms have put together a great collection to make it easy for you to choose. Regardless of whether you’re after a classic or a modern look, (including hidden TV screens) or illumination, we’ve got it all. The same goes when it comes to bathroom cabinets. These are a prerequisite in many bathrooms with homeowners opting for cabinets to safely store personal items, keeping them out of sight.

Along with bathroom accessories, a bathroom mirror or bathroom cabinet is perhaps the finishing touch to any new or refurbished bathroom. Alternatively, you may be looking to add a few extras to your existing suite and a mirror and cabinets will certainly do this for you.

Bathroom Sink and Mirror in North London

The first steps in choosing a new bathroom mirror is to decide where it will be located in the room. Therefore, it’s essential that you take the correct measurements in order to properly understand how much room is available for said mirror or cabinet. If you fancy going a step further and installing a mirror or cabinet that is illuminated, you will need to consider any electrical work that may be required.

Sink, Mirror and Cabinet Positioning in East London

Bathroom mirrors and cabinets are generally best placed where they will be most practical and this is almost always above the wash hand basin. Due to the layout of most bathrooms, it’s not always possible. This could be because of windows, walls and other bathroom furniture. This is usually where a freestanding bathroom mirror would come in handy as would an under the sink storage unit. It’s all about finding the right space to put things, and at Alternative Bathrooms, we can help you with this.

Most bathroom mirrors are designed in a portrait format which means that they tend to be taller than they are wide. This layout requires less wall space. A landscape mirror is great for larger bathrooms, especially with a wider wash hand basin beneath.

Mirrors and Sinks in West London

The case tends to be that with the larger the mirror, there will be more light reflected around the room which will result in a brighter bathroom with an enhanced feeling of space. Thanks to the large number of mirror suppliers and manufacturers, At Alternative Bathrooms, we have a huge range of designs and styles available. We can provide you with anything from a simple, polished edge, plain mirror to bathroom mirrors with built-in LED lights, and safe and secure bathroom storage solutions.

Wash Hand Basin Mirrors in South London

At Alternative Bathrooms, we’ve found that the general trend for plain bathroom mirrors is for a frameless design rather than a wood surround. This is because it’s easier to clean and doesn’t detract from the rest of the bathroom. Get in touch to find out more.