“ Architectural-style steel basins, with an aesthetic which simply can’t be achieved with ceramics.
Some good solutions too, including products for small or unusually shaped spaces.”

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The Steel and Sleek Alape Bathroom from Alternative Bathrooms

Featuring a sleek architectural design, Alape creates bathroom pieces that simply cannot be achieved by using the common medium of ceramic. Their products are contemporary and different to what you’d find in a ‘standard’ bathroom. If you want to steep your bathroom in over 100 years of innovation and quality, then look no further. At Alternative Bathrooms, we have many of Alape’s sleek and stylish bathroom pieces from wash hand basins to interesting storage solutions.

Alape has been tantamount with quality solutions in the bathroom furnishings industry since 1896. Such classics as the sink basin, the world’s first built-in basin and the first bathroom cabinet-washtable combination were invented by this tradition-steeped company. In this way, Alape also had a decisive influence on the development of the bathroom.

Why Alape is Different to Other Bathroom Brands

For over 115 years, Alape has always viewed the medium of glazed steel not only as a material, but also as one its strongest sources of inspiration when it comes to design. Not only have the characteristics of steel become a compass for the design in Alape’s bathroom features design, it also allows products to naturally take shape, fulfilling the basic human needs for cleanliness and aesthetics in equal measure.

The Alape Washstand: A Staple Classic

The Alape washstand is a stable, moulded body made of low-carbon special steel. It contains titanium that consists of 100% natural raw materials, just like the wafer-thin layer of glaze which is applied on top. The material of glazed steel ignites the creation of fascinating shapes, unique surfaces and dimensions in millimetre precision. In addition, it is also lightweight, yet extremely durable. The positive visual, haptic and hygienic properties of these wonderful bathroom products are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Alape Wash-Hand Basins in West London

There are hundreds of options when it comes to buying a new wash-hand basin or other bathroom features, particularly if you’re based in the West of London. That’s why we at Alternative Bathrooms cater to those who are located all over the London area – and many surrounding areas.

Bathroom Basins in East London

Even if you have already installed the majority of your bathroom furniture, we’re happy to provide you with any extra add-ons or features to perfect the look. All you need to do is get in touch to let us know what your requirements are when it comes to an Alape bathroom furnishing.

Install a Sink in South London

No matter whether you’re looking for a wash-hand basin, a feature bath or even new shelving for a new-look bathroom, we can help regardless of where you’re located in London or the outskirts. Call us to discuss our Alape bathroom range at Alternative Bathrooms.

Basins in North London

If you would like to find out more about our contemporary and unique Alape bathroom range, all you need to do is make an enquiry and we’ll be happy to help. We have a number of other designer bathrooms on offer.