“Where Dornbracht lead, others follow. German quality and engineering allied to exceptional design. Look for exciting new finishes including rose gold.”

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Dornbracht Bathrooms from Alternative Bathrooms

When it comes to the German based bathroom company, Dornbracht, the saying goes; “Where Dornbracht lead, others follow.” And it’s true. Their quality and engineering mean that their products are all exceptionally designed to suit any home or location. Before, people didn’t seem to care too much for their bathroom at home. It was simply a place to use the toilet, go for a quick shower, or jump in the bath. Nowadays, however, that has all changed. The focus has changed and more and more homeowners are interested in refurbishing, upgrading, remodeling and all the rest. With that, comes the surge of people looking to change their bathroom suites.

Some enjoy buying a fully inclusive bathroom suite that ensures they have the full package and don’t need to worry about the little details. Others prefer to pick and choose products from different brands so that they can create a space that they want. With Dornbracht, you can do both. You can either install a suite and add on a couple of extras here and there or you can start from scratch and build from there.

Dornbracht Sinks in North London

The design of bathroom products can only become successful with the correct integration. With this in mind, you wouldn’t think of mixing shabby chic with a classic brass styling – or would you? When it comes to your home, the choice is yours. If you choose to feature a Dornbracht was hand basin in your home, you know that it will be a showstopper to anyone who enters. With varying designs, shapes, sizes and shades, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to picking the right sink for your bathroom.

Designer Wash Hand Basin in East London

If you live in East London and are interested in the installation of a Donrbracht wash hand basin, you don’t need to look any further than Alternative Bathrooms. We have such a great range of products that you will, in fact, end up spoiled for choice. It’s simple; let us know what style, colour, shape and size you’re looking for and we’ll sort you out with the wash hand basin and other bathroom pieces you’re looking for.

Sinks in South London

At Alternative Bathrooms, we cater to the greater London area and slightly further afar. This means that it doesn’t matter which end of the city you live in, we can serve you and assist you in finding the right bathroom pieces. The Dornbracht range is never a bad choice and is, in fact, a staple in many homes.
Wash Hand Basin Pieces in West London

Nowadays, people are often looking to spruce up their homes. Whether it be the guest bathroom, master bathroom or ensuite, a Dornbracht bathroom will suit any. You may very well have used a different brand to kit out your upstairs bathroom and are simply looking for that final touch. If so, you are sure to find it with industry professionals Alternative Bathrooms.